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Major Rescue Underway in San Jose
Rescue Assistance Needed


Update: December 28, 2013
The Haven continues working with the family and our community and we have reduced the population at the site to 17. The SJACC has helped by providing spay services for several of the rabbits. The Haven assisted by providing spay/nueter for several more through our own resources. Adoption or transfer to other rescue has occurred to reduce the numbers here. The Rabbit Haven took in a large number of these rabbits as well. We took in the most vulnerable, injured and babies. All of these rescued rabbits are doing very well and are ready for adoption now.

We are hopeful that by the end of January will will have found homes for the remaining rabbits and the site will have only four bunnies. Great teamwork between SJACC, The Haven and the community family involved. Instead of having 61 rabbits dropped off at the shelter placing a terrible burden on the shelter, we were able to manage the site effectively. We currently have eight babies in the Haven system that still need spay nueter help, then placement. Thank you for all of your support and emails about this rabbit group.

October 9, 2013

The Rabbit Haven was contacted by a family in San Jose who had a serious rabbit overpopulation situation. The caller asked for help to find homes for approximately 20 or so rabbits. We would later learn that the real number was 61. Haven volunteers went to the site and spent six hours cataloging the rabbits, evaluating their health and genders, and photographing them. The volunteers also dug rabbits out of unsafe underground burrows, and separated the males, females, and babies. Temporary on site facilities were built to house the rabbits as safely as possible. Rabbit Haven is managing this rescue to prevent a massive dump of these rabbits at SJACC.

As of Wednesday, October 9th we need rescue or homes for these rabbits (see photos below). We will deliver to the surrounding area and provide you with a spay nueter certificate for Four Paws clinic if the rabbit has not been spayed or neutered. We are arranging for spay/neuter as fast as we can get appointments. Our priority now is getting as many of these adults out as we can before they are taken to the shelter. Please contact us if you can rescue or if you want to adopt any of these rabbits. They are well adjusted bunnies and simply need the space to live, love binky and be themselves.

Please call immediately 831 600-7479 and email director@therabbithaven.org if you can help with rescue and/or adoption.


Patches (M3)

Willis (M4)

Cream (M5)

Toast (M6)

Mystery (M8)

Mini (M9)

Marble (M10)

Charlie Brown (M11)

Prince (M13)



Fluff (F2)

Icicle (F3)

Llama (F4)

LMS (F6)

Ninja (F7)

Paul (F8)

Pop (F9)

Unskunk (F10)

Pet (F12)

Alpaca (F5)

Cookie (F1)



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