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Bonita's Rescue
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December 26, 2006

Today, while we visited the San Jose city shelter to care for and give gifts bags to the rabbits housed at the shelter, we discovered a mother bunny and her family who needed emergency care. This rabbit could hardly breathe and her condition appeared so serious that she needed immediate medical care to survive. She was clearly very ill. Her head was held up and her mouth was open so she could breathe! Since she was in critical condition, and there was no veterinary care available at the shelter, we rushed her and her babies (only a few days old) to Adobe Animal Hospital to see Dr. Koba for emergency services.

A Haven volunteer rushed the mom and her new family from the San Jose shelter to the Los Altos clinic so she could receive life saving treatment. When the rabbit arrived her temperature was 105.6 and she was very short of breath. Her labored breathing was an immediate concern, so she was given fluids and put into oxygen immediately. X rays showed that she was suffering from pneumonia. Without immediate treatment, it is likely that she would have died, and left her three day old babies orphaned.

Bonita in the oxygen cage at Adobe
Bonita in the oxygen cage at Adobe
The mother bunny, who we named Bonita, spent one night in the hospital, receiving needed oxygen and IV antibiotics. The quick actions of Haven volunteers and the staff of Adobe in Los Altos saved her life. By the next day, her temperature had dropped into the normal range. Haven volunteers visited her in the hospital and delivered some TLC, alfalfa and oat hays, and some fresh greens. She was eating very well, particularly the greens, and was nursing her kits! She continued receiving oxygen and of course antibiotics and fluids.
Later that night, a Haven transporter picked up the family and transported them to our hospital site in Santa Cruz. Bonita and her kits are now resting comfortably in the hospital site. She is still getting antibiotics and oxygen, and continues to improve. The prognosis for the family is good, and she continues to receive excellent care. The family getting ready to travel to Santa Cruz
The family getting ready to travel to Santa Cruz

Fortunately Karen, our new grant writer, has recently secured a grant for The Haven to use for emergency medical care for Haven bunnies. It is a small grant, but it will help offset some of the costs for Bonita's care. If you would like to help contribute to Bonita's fund check our PayPal account and put her name in the comments section, or donate by check.
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