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Large group of abused rabbits rescued
May 6, 2008
A large group of rabbits were confiscated by Animal Control in an area very close to The Rabbit Haven. The rabbits were being kept in a back yard, simply being fed bread and given water in dirty containers. As they grew they were eaten by the residents of the house. The pictures you see here are at the shelter. The Rabbit Haven has already taken out all the babies, and the adults are in the process of getting spayed/neutered to ready them for rescue. Despite their grave mistreatment, they are surviving. The healthiest females are being spayed and the public is encouraged to contact the local shelter to adopt these beautiful rabbits. They have been cleaned up now and are being fed properly including lovely hays, pellets and fresh clean water. The kind shelter staff at the Scotts Valley and Watsonville shelters are taking excellent care of these pretty rabbits, and you can see pictures of some of them on our adoption showcase. The picture shown here is just two - There are so many more! Just lovely - such a tragic situation. The person "keeping" them said he did not realize that they had any feelings or needed anything more than old bread.

Two great rescue groups came forth to support this rescue Animal Place and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, and The Rabbit Haven took in the infants. Shown in the picture below is Remy, the tiny gray baby in the litter box. She now shares her roomy clean enclosure with Tashi. They are precious, and are looking forward to a fresh start in their lives. Remy and the other bunnies are the stars of this video prepared by the bunny shelter advocate at the Watsonville shelter. The video shows the bunnies soon after they were taken to the shelter.
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