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Meet Sam the Pet Therapy Bunny
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Sam, a who was adopted from The Rabbit Haven, along with his partner Heather Mietz Egli, help people in hospitals and nursing homes. Heather and Sam provide pet therapy by visiting and interacting with patients. The people get to hold and pet Sam, who is a bunny that enjoys a lot of attention.

"A rabbit needs to enjoy being petted and interacting with people" says Heather. "It's important that he doesn't spook; he doesn't get twitchy or jumpy. Sam reacts well to being picked up. He's a very mellow, placid creature who loves to be fawned over."

That's what patients do when Mietz Egli arrives with her beloved bunny. "The neat thing about the rabbit is he can sit on their lap," she says. "People just want to hold him. His coat is really soft; it's just like velvet. They fuss over him like he was a little baby."

Sam and Heather are featured in an article in "American Profile" called "Comforting Creatures". You can read the entire article on the American Profile website.

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