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Picture of June's Baby - Simcha

Born around May 8th- This darling little boy is simply irresistible. Loves his snuggle pod and attention from his humans.  Charming little boy lives in a baby x pen with fleece for his floor.   He uses a  litter box, food and water dishes – He  eats Alfalfa has, good quality pellets and very limited greens.  Simcha loves tiny toys to play with…tunnels to run through and fleece to snuggle in. Likes to give kisses. 

Here is a video link

Simcha - pronounced Sim-ka

The Rabbit Haven must move

The Rabbit Haven is looking for a new office space and storage site-  We have 60 days to move out.  
The current business property is being sold. 
We need to either rent a new place or move to the Sumner property and rent storage space. 

For a property rental, a 1-2 BR place with a garage is needed.
Any location from Watsonville to Campbell - A duplex is fine. 


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