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The Rabbit Haven is TEMPORARILY CLOSED to new ADMISSIONS effective 6-25-2018

The Rabbit Haven is closed to new admissions as of 6-25-2018 until July 15th.  We have an overload of rescued rabbits at the moment. We need to secure new fosters and have many adoptions to reopen. We will keep you posted. 

If you have a rabbit to surrender from The Rabbit Haven, email

Community members:  If you have a rabbit to surrender contact your nearest animal shelter or rabbit rescue in your area.  Please read

Shelters:  We will do our best to work with you but we are very full right now.

The following organizations may be able to assist you more quickly:

  House Rabbit Society (Richmond), 510-970-7575 

  Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue, 925-321-0228

  Saveabunny (Mill Valley), 415-388-2790

  FUR (Sacramento), 916-710-1322 


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