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Lovely babies attacked by cat

1-25-2019  Geno and Gurri  were rescued from  a local shelter when there were 2.5 weeks old. They were attacked by a cat and several major bite wounds. They were malnourished and weak from their injuries.   Both babies suffered puncture wounds  to their eyes and body.  Several bite wounds formed horrible abscesses which were surgically removed.    They had several operations to clean their wounds. They were on 100% cage rest and required daily wound flushing and care and hand feeding KMR and critical care.. 


They are very active an affectionate. They will come up to an not afraid of things. It will take time for to adjust to being held. They are progressing well with their treatment. Gurri’s eye is cloudy and will require special ophthalmic care. To donate to their medical care fund click here

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