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The Haven's Special Needs Bunnies

The Rabbit Haven takes in injured and abandoned rabbits from the community and shelters. Many of these rabbits have serious injuries that require surgical intervention and others require testing, xrays and procedures to help meet their needs. The Rabbit Haven is often the last chance for these rabbits. If we do not help them they simply would not be able to survive.

Our special needs rabbits may require surgeries, medical care, treatment & veterinary procedures. Some abused rabbits may only require TLC and support then understanding and love in a special home. Others need ongoing medical support for chronic issues such as a leg deformities, serious abscesses, injuries or an array of physical conditions. We also take in many rabbits that are nutritionally deprived and need medical support care from our Haven team to help them regain their strength and health. We also have rabbits that have have lost a leg, an eye or ear(s). Some may be blind or visually impaired. All of these medical conditions can be managed with your support and the Haven volunteer network. We need your help to support these rabbits.

If you would like to make a big difference to a special needs bunny, you may donate, help to sponsor on a monthly basis or make a one time sponsorship contribution - Or you may consider Adoption. If you decide to make a contribution, any amount is happily received. When you help with the costs of veterinary and medical bills of special needs rabbits, you will directly assist the rabbit to improve their quality of life and help them recover so they can find their own forever home.

Some of our special needs rabbits have had major injuries and they are now healed and ready for a loving homes. If you have a special place in your heart for these rabbits, please consider adopting. Usually the medical condition has been remedied. They may have a physical difference, and they are precious non the less. They all deserve our love and support. The dollar amounts listed for each rabbit is our financial goal to help offset the cost of their special medical need. You may contribute a donation of any size and tax donation receipts are provided. All donations are tax deductable. If you agree, we will list your name on the web site next to the bunny as a sponsor. Of course you can also choose to remain anonymous if you prefer. Let us know. Together we can change the lives if injured and abused rabbits. We can help them to regain their health and well-being and eventually they will find just the right home. We welcome your involvement in this special area of the Rabbit Haven. How to contribute: You may use our Paypal account, or donate by check. Summary: How you can help:

  • Donate to help cover their costs of urgent Veterinary care & medical procedures needed
  • Sponsor a bunny to help them get through an illness or special surgery
  • Consider adoption of one of these rabbits and provide a loving forever home - they deserve it.
The rabbits thank you for your support!
Here are some of the special needs bunnies that have been recently rescued by The Haven. If you click on the picture of the bunny or the bunny's name, you can find out more about that bunny's story.

Please note: some of these rabbits have been through a lot, and their stories and pictures can be upsetting to some people.
Joseph Tansy was a breeder bunny who was surrendered to a shelter. She was scheduled for euthanasia because of a chest wall abscess, eye problems, upper respiratory infection and urine scald. She was rescued by The Haven, and is being treated for her illnesses.

Update May 28,2014: Sadly Tansy passed away at her Haven medical foster site. Her abscesses were too profund, and her necropsy showed advanced cancer throught her body.
Joseph Joseph is a former Easter bunny who suffered a broken leg due to rough handling. He will require leg amputation surgery.
Zania Zania is a former Easter bunny who came to The Haven with a large life threatening abscess in her eye. She will require eye removal surgery to save her life.
Cassie Cassie was brought to a shelter with a severely fracture leg, the result of abuse or a fall. She had to have the leg amputated.

Mitchell suffered terrible chemical burns on his back and sides. He was rescued and treated by The Haven.

Update: Mitchell was adopted into a loving home of his own.

Jumanji Jumanji was rescued from a parking lot in the pouring rain. He was infested with mites and had an infected tooth and an abscess in his chin. He required surgery to remove the tooth and the abscess.
Lilian Lilian had a large abscess behind her eye and required months of treatment to cure it. Thankfully her eye was saved, and the abscess is gone.

Update: Lilian was adopted by her foster family.
Lulabelle Lulabelle was rescued from a local shelter where she could barely breathe due to a serious upper respiratory infection.

Update: Lulabelle's foster family fell in love with her and adopted her as their forever bunny.
Juna Juna and her siblings came to the Haven with terribly infected eyes. Juna's brothers and sisters were able to recover quickly, but she has needed several surgical procedures to repair her ddamaged eyes.

Update: Juna is fully recovered from her eye injury and was adopted.
Zayna Zayna came from a neglect situation with a serious upper respiratory infection and five tiny babies.

Update: Zayna was adopted and now lives with a bunny friend.
Kimmie Kimmie came to The Haven with a badly fractured foot from an injury sustained at a shelter.

Update: Kimmie was adopted by her forever family.
Kitara Kitara and her sister came to The Haven as motherless babies. Kitara had an infected predator bite on her leg, and part of the leg was missing. She may require amputation surgey on the infected leg.
Chance Chance was left at a shelter with a large abscess on his forehead.

Update: Chance was adopted by his medical foster family, and now lives with another Haven special needs bunny, Zeke.
Leroy Leroy suffered a terrible infection in his left foot that worked its way up his leg into his hip. He will require leg amputation surgery to save his life.

Update: Leroy was adopted by Dr. Stern and family. He is a happy loved member of their family.
Bernice Bernice is a small dutch bunny who sustained a serious eye injury.

Update: Bernice was adopted into a home of her own and has had no eye problems following her treatment.
Autumn Autumn is a dwarf silver martin bunny who suffered a broken front leg after a jump at home. She has required multiple splintings to get a good alignment on the bone so that she can recover fully.

Update: Beautiful Autumn is happy in her loving forever home.
Beau Beau was rescued as part of a large number of rabbits from a breeder site in Aptos. He came in with a terrible infection in one eye as well as a repiratory infection. We are hopeful that his eye can be saved once he is healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure to repair it.

Update: Beau passed away over a year after his rescue. He had many successful treatments to help him mange his medical conditions.
Ruthie Ruthie came to The Haven as part of the rescue of a large number of rabbits from a breeder site in Aptos. She was missing an ear, and abscesses had formed on the ear stump, require surgical removal of the abscesses.

Update: Ruthie was adopted, and is now in her forever home with her new friend Arrow.
Vinnie Vinnie comes from the rescue of a large number of rabbits from a breeder site in Aptos. When he came to us, he had lost an ear, and the wounds from the stump of the ear were badly infected and had formed abscesses. He required a major surgical procedure to remove the abscesses.

Update: Vinnie was adopted by his medical foster family and now is is a TLC bunny in a special hospital visitation and school education program!
Mei Lei Selah Mei Lei Selah came from a breeder site where she was poorly cared for. She suffered terrible injuries and neglect there, and lost both of her ears.

Update: Mei Lei Selah was adopted into her forever home.
Zeke Zeke came to The Haven with a respiratory infection and an abscess in his eye. Sadly, we could not save his eye and he had to have it surgically removed. He is recovering well in his new foster home.

Update: Zeke was adopted by his foster family, and is now in his forever home.
Jeramyah Jeramyah was rescued along with his sister as a tiny 4 week old baby. He had extensive injuries to one eye, but with proper care and attention, he is recovering well.

Update: Jeramyah has been adopted into his forever home.
Princess Foofie Princess Foofie came to the haven as part of a rescue of twenty rabbits from a shelter. She developed a blood clot in her eye that grew worse, and despite the best the vets could do, her eye had to be removed. She now has a prosthetic eye, and continues to live with a Haven volunteer.

Update: Foofie passed away after a sudden illness.
Tommy Tommy is bunny who sustained terrible injuries to his genital area, and required emergency surgery and treatment for infected wounds.

Tommy's injuries are quite upsetting. His story contains graphic photos of his injuries and may be disturbing to some people.

Update: Tommy is truly handicapable. He is perfectly happy and content with his new adoptive family.
Benny Benny is bunny who was rescued from a shelter suffering from terrible wounds inflicted intentionally by a human.

Benny's story is very upsetting and contains graphic photos of his injuries and may be disturbing to some people.

Update: Benny was adopted into his forever home.
Anzia Anzia is jersey wooly bunny who has had to endure multiple dental surgeries because of an infection.

Update: Anzia was diagnosed with advanced Lymphoma in April of 2008. She died on April 15th.
Jossalin Jossalin was brought into a local shelter missing a foot and having an infection in the remaining stump. She may require amputation surgery.

Jossalin's story contains graphic photos of her injuries and may be disturbing to some people.

Update: Jossalin was adopted into her forever home.
Tamari Tamari is a beautiful 8 month old Rex who came into a shelter with extensive urine scalding on her bottom and terrible hock injuries. She had been neglected in a tiny backyard cage with no way to get off the wire. With vet care and a caring foster home, she is well on the way to recovery.
Tamari's medical bills have exceeded $300.

Update: Tamari was adopted into a loving home.
Kris Cringle Kris Cringle is tiny baby with severely injured legs who was rescued just before Christmas of 2007.

Update: Kris has been adopted.
Felix Dixie is an adorable red and white lop who came to a shelter with a broken leg.

Update: Dixie was adopted into her forever home.
Felix Felix is a baby who has an abcessed wound on his shoulder and several bite wounds on his back and shoulders.

Update: Felix was adopted into her forever home.
Ameche Ameche is young dutch girl who was dumped in a field with a severely fractured leg.

Update: Ameche was adopted into her forever home.
Matia Matia came to The Haven infested with mites, losing the fur on her face and back. Soon after she was rescued, she suffered a life threatening hemorrhage and required emergency surgery.

Update: Matia was adopted into her forever home.
Hazelnut Hazelnut arrived at a shelter, abused and broken, with her teeth and gums badly injured. She required extensive surgery and lost two teeth.

Update: Hazelnut was adopted into her forever home.
Honeybun Honeybun was surrendered to a shelter with a badly infected eye, unable to move. He had surgery to remove his infected eye, and he will be ready for adoption soon.

Update: Honeybun was adopted into his forever home.
Gabe Gabriel was found in a field, covered in dirt and blood. The Haven is giving him the care he needs to fully recover.

Update: Gabriel was adopted into his forever home.
Camille Camille came to The Haven as a baby, with terrible injuries from predator bites. She has been recovering well.

Update: Camille was adopted into her forever home.
Mishko Mishko and Cuddles were rescued from a local shelter. They were in terrible shape when we took them in, Mishko had a pair of huge abcesses on his lower jaw and Cuddles was suffering from a severe respiratory infection. Unfortunately, Mishko did not survive. Cuddles continues to fight to be rid of the infection.

Mishko and Cuddles' story contains graphic photos and may be disturbing to some people.

Cuddles endured a long airplane flight from California all the way to Pennsylvania, where he was adopted into a large household of bunnies.
Godiva Godiva is a gorgeous gray black lionhead, who came to The Haven with abcessed predator bites on her back.

Update: Godiva was adopted into her forever home.
Priyani Priyani was found wandering the streets in San Jose, malnourished and dehydrated, terribly infested with mites, and most of the fur on her head and face missing.

Priyani's story contains graphic photos and may be disturbing to some people.

Update: Priyani was moved from The Haven to a special medical care site with Save A Bunny. She continues to battle ongoing ear infections caused by her mite infestation. You can find out more about her on the Save A Bunny website.
Newborns Fiona and Evan, two newborn bunnies rescued by The Haven. They were found abandoned in a field, near death from starvation because their mother was not with them.

Update: The tiny boy in this pair had terribly broken back legs and other injuries. Despite the best care possible, he did not survive. Fiona was adopted into a terrific home as a companion for another bunny.
Dilly Dilly is an adorable dwarf Hotot who arrived at a shelter with facial trauma and broken teeth. The Haven rescued him, and he has already undergone a surgical procedure to repair his teeth.

Update: Sadly we must report that Sweet Dilly aka Piglet crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday during his second surgery to repair his lower jaw which had been broken.

The Haven spent in excess of $1200 trying to save Dilly. Please help if you can!
Deanna Deanna, a tiny Polish dwarf rescued from the back room at a shelter where she would have died. She was in great pain, suffering a hideous eye laceration and ulceration. Cost so far. $596.00 surgery -addition $100 for meds and follow up exams. Next, spay...$140.00. This charming girl lost her eye but not his sweetness or her spirit to live and love! She gives the greatest kisses. What a pretty tiny girl!
$800.00 puts her in the land of Success recovery and adoption!

Update: Deanna was adopted by one of her foster families and now lives as part of a trio.
Ellis Ellis sustained an injury to his back legs that rendered him unable to use them. The Haven took him for veterinary care, and it was discovered that he had bilateral hip fractures and a fractured tibia. He is now recovering well.
X-rays, medications and care of Ellis has cost The Haven over $500

Update: Ellis was adopted and is now living in his forever home.
Jimmy Jimmy is a darling boy (about 3.5 months old when rescued), and is missing a left front paw and some of his leg. We found him just sitting alone in a bottom cage in a shelter under two other bunny cages.

Update: Jimmy was adopted by a wonderful family to be the companion of a bunny who lost one of her back legs.
Hercules Hercules and Lily are a special needs couple. Now that they are stable they will require tooth trims of remaining back molars (390 every weeks for tooth trims) plus pulsed medications. Hercules is the boy bun with a crushed jaw rescued form the streets of Watonsivlle severe infection in her teeth and jaw- She has extensive dental injuries and a damaged jaw which required surgery $700.00 plus medications well over $200.00 now. Surgical Wound care July $680.00 - Lily was rescued from a shelter with a severe infection in her teeth and jaw- She has extensive tooth and jaw injuries which required surgery $700.00 plus medications well over $200.00 now. Surgical Wound care July $680.00 Lily recovered and took care of hercules when he was tiny - Now they are inseparable she still treats him like her baby is very protective and constantly grooms him.

Update: Unfortunately, little Lily died very unexpectedly on Easter morning of 2007. She was slated to join Hercules in their forever home the following week. Hercules had to go to their forever home alone, but with a lot of love and care he has rebounded and is doing well.