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Update on WIllow

Hello everyone, It's Willow! I am feeling so much better now at the Rabbit Haven. I have my own room, clean soft fleece and toys too.  I'm taking my meds & eating well at last. I am loved here.  I can tell.  I have hugs and kisses.  I no longer need to be afraid. I have to wait for my surgery to fix my ear stump for a few more days.  That is a little scary thinking about my ear again.   I want so much to put all that behind me.

In loving memory of Champ

Champ stood up on his own with his Mom (Nurse Bunny) and parents by his side. He hopped over to Mom Nurse Bunny and gave her a kiss on her head. He then hopped over to his parents and gave each one a kiss on their hands. They adopted him a few months ago but it was kept private. 


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