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Myxomatosis alert! - Six house rabbits dead in Northern California this month

Dr Hilary Stern of Animal Hospital of Soquel sent a warning out August 28th re outbreak of Myxomatosis.  She reports that she has had six rabbits die of Myxomatosis this month. “she states “This is the worst outbreak I have seen, and we are just at the beginning of the season. None of the rabbits that have died have been outdoor rabbits.

ALERT / Deadly Myxomatosis hits Santa Cruz County

Myxomatosis is carried by the mosquito and flea- Rabbit housed out doors are at a high risk of infection. Please bring your rabbits indoors. Dr Stern reported a case of deadly myxo on 7-8-2019 …right here in Santa Cruz county. Your rabbits are in danger if they are outside. Watch for a Myxomatosis article coming soon by Dr Hilary Stern of Animal Hospital of Soquel Santa Cruz County. Please take needed precautions and keep your rabbits safe. Call 831 239-7119 for more info Stop by our show this Sunday 7-14 at PetPals to discuss this info with one of our counselors.


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