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Dumbledore faces a major health challenge.

Our precious Dumbledore is now facing another terrible crisis.  He cannot

stand or walk.  He still has complete sensation in all limbs but he cannot

use them.


The vet did every test possible so far  and the reports  are  troubling.

There is reduced intervertebral space between vertebrae T10 and T11 (T

stands for thoracic). Possible causes of this type of problem include

luxation, intervertebral disc disease, neoplasia, and discospondylitis. The

serosal (membranes that cover the walls and some organs of the thoracic and

abdominopelvic cavities). detail is poor, likely due to how thin he has

become. In just a month he has lost 45% of his weight.  In addition he is



Dumbledore is in critical care support now with full support.  He is on

antibiotics and is being handfed and or moved to a standing position with

the assistance of towel rolls.  We are obtaining a bassinette so he can be

close by his primary caregiver at all times.  He can be positioned so that

he can eat in this smaller space and if he needs to be moved in the night he

will be close by. 


We are hopeful that the vertebrae will heal.  We are offering support,

metacam, antibiotics and acupuncture.  He will have a ct scan next to help

us understand the injury better. 


We are all devastated that after his long struggle with chest wall

abscesses, four foot abscesses ,  a chin abscess  and the horrid life he had

to live in prior to reaching us, that he now has to suffer this indignity.

Yet Dumbledore is adjusting and he is gentle, calm and seems to understand

and is not panicked by his physical status.


His Friend Barley licks his face and his bird friend sits and talks to him

during the day.  He is surrounded with those who love him, excellent vets

and the best possible care. It is truly heartbreaking that he has to

experience this.


Please send healing energy to Dumbledore.  He is indeed a beautiful soul. He

will need loads of fleece bedding to soften and support him (we go through 6

pads per day as well as pee pads under that) .  He will need funds for the

scan, medications, special harness needed for PT, and other special

equipment he may need to heal or live with this situation. He requires care

all of the time. Naturally there will be a need for ongoing vet support.


We will keep you posted on his well being. Please send Dumbledore your love

and support.  These are very difficult days for him. You can send him

letters and we will be sure he hears every word.


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