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Amazon Wish List Gifts for Haven Bunnies

"Hey, what do you think we are getting for our year end gifts?"
"I am hoping for some of those Sherwood pellets, they are yummy."
"That Oxbow alfalfa hay is great too though!"
"Maybe a nice new exercise pen that we can run around in."
"We could use one of those cozy fleece blankets for those cold winter nights."
"New toys!"

We have taken in a large number of baby bunnies this year, and they use a lot of supplies! We'd also like to set up new foster sites for bunnies coming from shelters, and we need pens, crockery, litter boxes, and other supplies for them too. Can you help us with a donation of items from our wish list? There are many items on our list that we use every day to help our bunnies. Can you help us with a donation of items so we can continue our life saving work? You can see our list and order items on Amazon's Wish List Site.

Happy Holidays from The Rabbit Haven's bunnies, and thank you for your continued generous support!

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