Given COVID-19, many rabbits and other animals are being surrendered.  The Rabbit Haven is taking in an unprecedented number of animals. Many people have lost jobs, ho

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The Haven's Special Needs Rescues

The Rabbit Haven rescues many rabbits that are injured or ill. These bunnies require extra expenses for veterinary care and special adoptive homes.

Volunteer with The Haven

volunteer_image.jpgThe Rabbit Haven is a 100% volunteer rescue. Our volunteers are the life blood of what makes The Haven work. We are in need of temporary foster homes, adoption show support, transportation, office help, and many other positions. Find out more about volunteering opportunities today!

RHDV2 confirmed in Southern California

RHDV2 has been confirmed in Southern California

it is spreading rapidly.

Email if you live in Northern California and want your rabbit vaccinated.

Advice from the California state veterinarian:
*If you have pet rabbits, do not touch any sick or dead wild rabbits.
*If you find dead wild rabbits report it to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife at (916) 358-2790  
*If your rabbit is sick, bring it to a veterinarian immediately (From James - Please Call Vet First).
*If your pet rabbit dies suddenly with signs consistent with RHD, call your local Animal Health branch of the CDFA:


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