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Our Wish List

Donations of supplies and other items are always welcome for The Rabbit Haven's bunnies. You can donate from our Amazon Wish List or choose from this list:

  • Powdered Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)
  • Soft receiving blankets
  • Fleece or flannel fabric to create toppers for bunny room at rescue sites
  • Small and large rectangular litter boxes
  • Pelleted food from Sherwood Pet Health. Order on line
  • Hay and pelleted food from Oxbow Animal Health
  • Hay from American Pet Diner
  • Hay from Small Pet Select
  • Color laser printer
  • Portable space heaters
  • Organic veggies
  • Back up units for computers at Haven office
  • Thumb drives to hold photos
  • Photo views for our adoption shows
  • Video camera to record rabbits in our foster homes to post web
  • Digital cameras to loan to foster so they can take pictures of their foster bunnies
  • Digital camera for shelter advocates to use to take photos of shelter bunnies
  • Baby square of rectangular play zones to use for rabbits
  • Heating pads to use for sick bunnies
  • Thermometers 30 sec read digital thermometers
  • Digital baby scale to use by foster sites that have infants
  • Ikea shower curtain liners (we use these as floor covers in our foster packs
  • Children’s comforters (we use these at adoption shows in our matchmaking area)
  • Puppy exercise pens in 24 and 30 inch heights