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Why Adopt from The Rabbit Haven

Adoption is a great way to find the perfect companion.  People who choose to look for a new family member at the Rabbit Haven are provided with counsel and support through the entire process before and after adoption. We want every adopter to have a great match in their newly adopted animal.

We appreciate those who make the wonderful decision to adopt a homeless rabbit.  We love it when Haven animals find the perfect home.

Where do Haven pets come from?

Some animals are surrendered to us from families or individuals who can no longer care for them. Current severe economic challenges have forced many caring individuals to make heart-wrenching decisions about giving up a beloved pet.  Many individual have also been forced to move after a job loss.

Some of our animals come in to us from community rescue.  After we attempt to find the owner the animals is available for adoption. Sadly many animals are abandoned in parks on hiking trails or just on the street. Some rabbits may come from large confiscation sites.  Each rabbit is carefully evaluated, receive medical care needed and then they are available for adopters.  We love finding just the perfect home for each animal in our care.  Many rabbits and other animals come into us through our local shelters. We have partnerships with many shelters.

Finally, some animals are surrendered to the Haven when their owner dies and there is no family to care for the pets left behind. 

Why adopt from The Rabbit Haven?

Rabbit Haven rabbits are socialized, litter box trained, awesome companions.  All our rabbits live indoors.  They are clean and quiet. We think that a rabbit is the perfect pet for a gentle, loving person or family. The Haven answers all questions regarding care, handling and medical needs.  We offer a free nail trim and ongoing services even after you adopt. Adoptions come with a complete animal care packet and a free nail trim.  Plus discount coupons to use at local pet stores to save you money and referal to a qualified vet near you.

Call to obtain an adoption application.  831 600-7479 or email After we have your application you may make your 1-1 adoption appointment to visit with the animals you want to meet.  Prior to your apt. educational materials will be sent to you for your review. 

Due to COVID and CDC requirements we meet individually with adopters in a safe space offering proper social distancing requirements.  In addition, our staff follows CDC & PPE guidelines and will wear a mask and gloves. Incoming adopters must also wear a mask. 

Can I return an adopted Haven animal to the Rabbit Haven?

At The Rabbit Haven Any Haven adopted rabbit, guinea pig or hamster may be returned. Call 831 239-7119.    You will then speak to our director, Heather Bechtel.  She can help you to return the adopted rabbit. anta Cruz Open Hours

 AVA/The Rabbit Haven is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization